Matemáticas para Iñaki

Matemáticas para Iñaki
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Ignacio Zalduendo offers an introduction to elementary mathematics, in an informal and direct style, with the purpose of showing the reader the logical thinking and creativity that are behind it, in the author’s words, transmits habits and intellectual abilities, which are essential for every person and with great social value. Among the topics he addresses in this book are the natural numbers and arithmetic’s; the angles, trigonometric functions and equations; the permutations and probability. To not leave any doubts, each one of topics comes with exercises, problems, examples and illustrations that facilitate its comprehension.  

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  • Title :Matemáticas para Iñaki
  • Author:Ignacio Zalduendo
  • Publisher:Fondo de Cultura Económica
  • Format:Paperback
  • Product code:046243R001
  • ISBN:9786071642653
  • Edition:1a

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