Martín y el rey del bosque

Martín y el rey del bosque
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Martin and his friends tell stories about the legendary king of the woods, and how his arrival will make everything better: the woods will become prosperous and their lives will be better. The problem is that they have to wait until his arrival which happens every hundred years; what they don't know is that the king will appear sooner than they expect and instead of making everything better he will make a terrible mess in the woods, and they will need to find a solution for the so-called king's advices.

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  • Title :Martín y el rey del bosque
  • Author:Sebastian Meschennmoser
  • Publisher:Fondo de Cultura Económica
  • Format:Hardcover
  • Product code:100801E001
  • ISBN:9786071647214
  • Edition:1a