Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta
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To commemorate 400 years after the death of Shakespeare, we publish this illustrated versin of the classic "Romeo and Juliet," a novel published in 1597 for the first time, and that has been enshrined with the past of time. The strength of the feelings represented in it has made it in one of the most advertised novels of this English author, which is still recreated in music, dance, theatre,and literature; however, there are few illustrated editions available. This completely graphic proposal, splendidly illustrated by Mercè López, tells the young love story in a new way, which from the beginning predicts a tragic development. "For violent pleasure, a violent ending," says Fray Lorenzo. This omen is also present in Mercè proposal, which includes in her compositions elements that symbolize the dangers in this impossible due to the prevailing hate between their families. In the midst of this hate, the love between Romeo and Juliet persists, as represented by the illustrator, who wraps the characters between corals and other sea elements that, as the story develops, transform in hawthorns. Hate, passion driven into insanity, jealousy, loyalty to their own, and love that the protagonists have sworn to each other are some of the feelings that William Shakespeare exposes in Romeo and Juliet, and that Mercè captures and transforms in images that will charm any reader for its powerful strength and expressiveness.

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  • Title :Romeo y Julieta
  • Author:William Shakespeare, Mercè López
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  • Product code:102823D001
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