Entre noches y fantasmas

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Francisco Tario has been considered a cult author for many years, but in the last years, his novel has gained new readers. During this resurgence “Entre noches y fantasmas” is published: a compilation of illustrated short stories by Isidro R. Esquivel, who has captured the voice of the author and, from a personal point of view, proposes his interpretation of the story and narrates a coffin that knows it is meant to be married or, how it is commonly appointed, to be buried, and dreams with meeting its spouse; about a consumptive dog that tells the death of its master, a young, sad poet, and the desperation it feels when not being able to do anything other than watching him die; about a gray suit that it’s tired of it’s terrible routine and decides to go out and experience the life of the men; about the appearance of a strange sickness in a town in a uninterrupted polka like way, which after ten days of the patient listening to it,disappears; about a woman who breaks the promise she made to her husband about burying him with his old wooden led and is being haunted. These are some of the characters and plots of this selection of stories, in which the unpredictable, fantastic, and ghostly are always present. “Entre noches y fantasmas,” a book co-edited by the Mexican Secretariat of Culture, is a small tribute to one of the best Mexican storyteller, who has been compared to authors like Jorge Luis Borges, Juan José Arreola y Juan Rulfo; but most of all, an author who has been recognized and recommended by his readers. On his behalf, Isidro R. Esquivel reflects his maturity and rigor as illustrator.

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  • Title :Entre noches y fantasmas
  • Author:Francisco Tario, Isidro R. Esquivel
  • Publisher:Fondo de Cultura Económica
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  • Product code:102822E001
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