Novelas escogidas (1981-1998)

Novelas escogidas (1981-1998)
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Selected novels, with a prologue and a title selection in charge of critic Geney Beltrán Félix, compiles and provides the reader with the a bunch of the best short novels that Garro produced between 1982 and 1998: “Reencuentro de personajes,” “Mi hermanita Magdalena,” “Testimonios sobre Mariana,” “La casa junto al río,” “Y Matarazo no llamó,” and “Busca mi esquela.” All are short, but powerful texts, in which the literary characters like Scott Fitzgerald, Evelyn Waugh, historical events like the Cold War, the Madracista movement, Francoism, and autobiographical moments of the author are combined and reality is confused with imagination.

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  • Title :Novelas escogidas (1981-1998)
  • Author:Elena Garro, Geney Beltrán Félix
  • Publisher:Fondo de Cultura Económica
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