La imaginaria Ciudad del Sol

La imaginaria Ciudad del Sol
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It speaks about a dialog in which the Gran Maestre and the Admiral intervene, referring with detail about what happened during his tour around the world. His stay in the Sun City allowed him to learn its geography, social and architectural structure, its customs and its culture. This city is the reconstruction of an utopian society in which love, friendship, and community are values established and considered of great importance. Towards the end, three essays rigorously defend the philosophical thesis which was initially created in a literary way, it is possible to reach a society as the one in "Ciudad del Sol", that's what an utopy is, the imagination of the possible.

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  • Title :La imaginaria Ciudad del Sol
  • Author: Tommaso Campanella
  • Publisher:Fondo de Cultura Econ√≥mica
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  • Product code:017633R001
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