¿Qué era el socialismo y por qué se desplomó?

¿Qué era el socialismo y por qué se desplomó?
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This volume of Umbrales collection gathers investigations and written reflections during the first 5 years of 1990, after the fall of the communist regime. These studies provide a fresh look and plenty of posibilities to interpret and comprehend the transicion that economy, society, and politics of the so-called real socialism (it's Romanian version) went through to convert into different social-political and economical realities, with profiles and content that haven't been defined. The moments and circumstances that started the research and the intelectual capacity of the author allows the reader to have a priviledged, almost unpublished perspective.

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  • Title :¿Qué era el socialismo y por qué se desplomó?
  • Author:Katherine Verdery
  • Publisher:Fondo de Cultura Económica
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