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La escuela vuela (The school flies) by Eveline Hasler

January 27, 2017

La escuela vuela (The school flies) by Eveline Hasler


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Let me tell you more about this wonderful Spanish book of a boy who doesn’t like dictation exercises and wishes to be somewhere else. La escuela vuela (The School Flies) by Eveline Hasler will be short but valuable.


It’s a familiar feeling among students to say that they hate school. What can you do when you don’t like anything, but you’re obliged to do certain things, like an abominable dictation? Well, an old woman gives three wishes to Andi so that he can be happier, but Andi doesn’t know that magic is going to happen:


“Andi ya estaba enojado,

pero con el regaño se le puso la cara más avinagrada.

—Qué escuela tan tonta —pensó—,

¡ojalá se fuera al Congo!

Apenas lo pensó,

la escuela se elevó suavemente.

El edificio entero comenzó a flotar sin que nadie lo percibiera.

Sólo Andi notó que las nubes pasaban

extraordinariamente rápido.”


If you want to know more about this story, you´ll have to read it to discover how extraordinary it can be.


Eveline Hasler borned in Glarus, studied Psychology and History at the University of Friburgo and Paris, she then worked as a teacher in St. Gallen. Interested in young and child literature, she has dedicated her life to write books for kids and adolescents and currently lives in Ticino. As a result of her dedication, she won the Schweizer Price for juvenile literature.


The truth is that books don't need to be cataloged for a specific audience. You have the freedom to choose what to read anytime, even if they are recommended for children or educational purposes. The most important thing when you read a new book is to learn from them and have an open mind, letting your inner child enjoy it.


“—¿Se puede saber qué fue lo que deseaste? —preguntó la anciana señora.

Andi sonrió y dijo:

—He deseado que todo permanezca como está.”

Title: La escuela vuela

Author: Hasler, Eveline

Illustrations: Juan Gedovius

Translation: Ana Garrafón

Publisher: Fondo de Cultura Económica

Collection: A la Orilla del Viento

Format: Paperback and ebook, 40 pp, 5.9 x 7.5 in

Product code: 100152R001

ISBN: 9789681654597


Age: 5 years +

Other subjects: School and education appreciation, Adaptation and Fantasy


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