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El regreso del gato asesino (The return ok the killer cat) by Anne Fine

February 16, 2017

El regreso del gato asesino (The return ok the killer cat) by Anne Fine

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There’s always a time when we want to act like someone else. Due to curiosity, obligation or just the desire of looking like someone else, that’s why it’s said that appearances can be deceiving. Fake it till you make it, remember? The trouble with pretending to be someone that you’re not starts when you doubt yourself and the deceive increases exponentially. This is what happens with Tufy the cat, when by mistake is confused with the cat that Melanie was asking for. To run away from the priest that was taking care of him while his family was on vacation, Tufy will pretend to be Janet, a completely different cat.


“Gracias por concederme exactamente lo que pedí:

algo blandito y pachoncito para apapachar,

igualito a Tufy.

¿Igualito a Tufy?

¿De verdad pensó que era un regalo del cielo?

¿Pero cómo puede ser tan boba esta niña?”


Everything is fine in Tuffy’s life, Eli and her family went on vacation for a week, a week where he can have total freedom. But it all starts to go wrong when its usual keeper can’t take care of him and is replaced by a grumpy man that only desires to eradicate every plan that the cat has. But Tufy won’t give up! The fight is just starting, and its last resource will be the act of pretending to be someone else.

Do you remember The Diary of a Killer Cat? Well, it is a pleasure to present the sequel of this title, El regreso del gato asesino, written by Anne Fine and illustrated by Agustin Comotto: the fluffy and adorable cat appears again as the main character that won so many followers in the first book. Now he comes with a bigger and more fun adventure, while it maintains the irony and pride that characterizes him, as we can notice each time that Tufy thinks:


“-¡Qué suerte la tuya, Eli!

Cómo quisiera tener una mascota como Tufy.

Suave y pachoncita.

¡Pues claro que soy suave y pachoncito!

Soy un gato.

Y soy listo, también.”


Everyone will get confused by the performance that this kitten does to escape from his disgusting keeper. In fact, this tale is more profound compared with the previous one, because of an implicit message about identity. We should be careful with our actions and staying true to who we are. Tufy tries to take advantage and doesn’t result as well.

For kids, adolescents or adults, this book of recent addition to our Serie A la Orilla del Viento will keep you entertained during the reading.

Don’t miss the previous part of its truculent life, before reading the third and last episode of its adventures, The Killer Cat Falls In Love.


Title: El regreso del gato asesino

Author: Fine, Anne

Publisher: Fondo de Cultura Económica

Format: Paperback and ebook, 53 pages, 5.9 x 7.5 in

Product code: 100364R001

ISBN: 9789681684198

Edition: 1ª, 2007

Age: 7 years +

Other subjects: Desire of independence, pet’s life, trust, identity


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