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El diario de un gato asesino (The diary of a killer cat) by Anne Fine

January 13, 2017

El diario de un gato asesino (The diary of a killer cat) by Anne Fine

A cat acussed of murder. Do you want to hear this mysterious story?

In this article you will know more about our best Spanish books and why it’ll help you develop new skills.

Surely, everyone knows how cats can be: independent, lonely, aggressive, affectionate, bored, active and more, all at the same time. They’re very hard to understand, and sometimes they can take uncommon attitudes.

It’s easy to imagine if a cat kills a little animal like a bird or a mouse, but not if the victim is the neighbor’s bunny.

Tuffy, Eli’s pet, is the suspect and narrator of this story, after he takes home Thumper’s body, the rabbit, in his snout and says that he didn’t kill him, but the owners think that he did it. Even more because it’s the third time that the kitten brings a dead animal to his house. Eli and her parents are shocked, and after this event, they will try to uncover the actions of their killer cat.

Tuffy doesn’t think as he used to. Why is Eli so horrified about it? She is getting so emotional and her parents wont be very nice to the cat.

Will Eli’s neighbors get mad when they discover Thumper’s death?

We would like to share part of this story with you:


“Está bien, está bien. Cuélguenme. Maté al pájaro.

Por todos los cielos, soy un gato. [...]

¡Péguenme! traje un ratón muerto a su preciosa casa.

Ni siquiera lo maté.”


That’s is just the beginning of Tuffy’s adventures.

Twenty five years ago the series A la orilla del viento made its first appearance and started to catch the attention from people of all ages. Nowadays, we can assure that all the books included in this lovely and evocative series are full of emotions and illustrations that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Now we remember an excellent story which first Spanish edition was released in 1998: The Diary of a Killer Cat.


“-Shhh -dije-.

Bajen la voz, muchachos.

Los van a oír y se supone que no debo estar fuera esta noche.

Estoy castigado.

Todos se me quedaron mirando.

-Déjate de cuentos.


-¿Por qué?

-Asesinato -dije-.Por cunicidio a sangre fría.

Y nos volvimos a desatar de risa.”


As Tuffy and its friends, you will giggle when you hear all the story. Do you think you’ll discover if the cat is the killer?

The Diary of a Killer Cat, written by Anne Fine and illustrated by Damián Ortega, is a classic within the reader community, and a success with kids who begin to read Spanish stories with more complexity. It includes enough illustrations to make a friendly reading.

In solitary, with parents, classmates, in silent or out loud reading! This book allows children to practice their Spanish and explore different scenarios as a result of the halo of mystery that Tuffy’s reflexions, points of view and the time division in little chapters apport to the story. Who could imagine that a cat would think so much?


“Así que me porté un poco rudo en la sala de espera.

¿Qué querían?

Detesto esperar,

sobre todo esperar embutido en una jaula de alambre.

Es estrecha, hace calor… y uno se aburre. [...]

Yo sólo lo estaba mirando.

Éste es un país libre, ¿o no?

¿O es que un gato ni siquiera puede mirar

a un dulce y pequeñito bebé gerbo?”


We are very happy to announce that this book is the first of a trilogy, which also includes El regreso del gato asesino (The return of the killer cat) and El gato asesino se enamora (The killer cat falls in love). It's great for kids to exercise their language and analysis skills with these entertaining stories.

You can also be pleased with these and other copies in our Book Truck, as a complete and funny reading experience. Truthfully, El Diario de un Gato Asesino won’t disappoint you.


Title: The Diary of a Killer Cat

Author: Fine, Anne

Publisher: Fondo de Cultura Económica

Format: Paperback and ebook, 48 pp, 5.9 x 7.5 in

Product code: 100184R

ISBN: 9789681656744


Age: 7 years +

Other subjects: Adventure, Humor, Mystery, Terror and Suspense

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