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El búho fantasma y los ratones (The ghost owl and the mice) by Sigrid Heuck

January 20, 2017

El búho fantasma y los ratones (The ghost owl and the mice) by Sigrid Heuck

In this article you will know more about the importance of friendship in one of our best Spanish books “El búho fantasma y los ratones” (The Ghost Owl and the Mice) by Sigrid Heuck.

It’s hard to see an owl because birds know how to camouflage very well with nature when they hunt a delicious mouse or even when they take a nap. The freedom of flying is necessary for them, but what happens when they can’t do it because they’re locked up in a cage?

After living in a circus for a long time, this owl is taken to a castle to serve as a mice exterminator, but little did his owner know that it was building an unusual friendship with a mouse.


“El búho vivía acurrucado

en una jaula demasiado angosta para él.

Por eso no sabía

lo que era extender las alas y volar…”


This story as part of the A la Orilla del Viento series, effectively fulfills the purpose of catching people’s attention in a playful and straightforward way.

It also has the distinctive mark of the series's oeuvre: a balance between content and beautiful illustrations, which first edition was released in 1992, The ghost owl and the mice.

This tale, written by Sigrid Heuck and illustrated by Francisco Nava Bouchaín, is a tiny and digestible story which narrative’s style will help children understand the plotline easier.

Rejection is a constant term that emerges among social relationships. Everyone has felt like an outcast more than once and as we grow up we learn to overcome all these factors, like an elevator out of service that obliges us to go to the 30th floor by the staircase.

It’s hard, almost impossible to please everyone, but one of the messages is self-acceptance in order to understand who we are and recognize our value as a person.

A little white mouse, the only one that doesn’t run away from the owl. He knows that judging without knowing would mean remaining in just appearances.


“El ratoncito gritó:


y el búho blanco saltó a la cornisa,

extendió sus alas

y salió volando.”


This tale does not finish here, but I leave the end in your hands.

You should read this book if you want a story with a powerful message, stated in a light tone that will develop reading comprehension for those who start to read.

By using the right amount of humor, fantastic elements and references to daily problems, anyone can identify with this reading. I assure you that El Búho Fantasma y los Ratones will be a success, as light reading, a bedtime tale or just for practicing Spanish skills.


Title: El búho fantasma y los ratones

Author: Heuck, Sigrid

Publisher: Fondo de Cultura Económica

Format: Paperback, 24 pages, 5.9 x 7.5 in

Product code: 100115R001

ISBN: 9789681645687


Age: 7 years +

Other subjects: Adventure, Friendship, Family / Home


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