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3 simple steps to help your child to start reading from an early age

May 02, 2016

3 simple steps to help your child to start reading from an early age

Playing, as stated by Joëlle Turin, is a construction or reconstruction of the world, a space for creativity.

This reason is why the literary formation of a child is vital for the development of inventive and imaginative abilities.

You have to picture the mind of a child as a blank canvas where the adult will paint on, so someday the child will be able to discover new places, things, animals, and people. 

Now, how can this be done taking into consideration that the kid doesn’t have the necessary references?

The first step is introducing lullabies. Children tend to internalize emotional experiences, where oral literature reminds them of home, of their families, of the unconditional love and protection that a mother can give.

The second step is introducing books with a musical rhythm that they can identify. This activity can introduce them to numbers, shapes, sound repetition and finally, create awareness of themselves when mentioning face and body parts.

Because their vision of the world is completely absolutist, it’s important to build an idea to our young readers that not everything is black and white, but there is gray too.

The third step would be to include small chapter books, for them to increase their retention.

The intriguing plots in children’s stories are very repetitive, so our young audience understands that the big bad wolf could be a victim of the three little pigs, which gives an ironic twist to the story and leaves the child with a message.

From an early age, stories have helped children separate the real world from the fantasy world without stopping them from developing their creativity. This way they never stop imagining, learning, playing, and most importantly, they never stop being kids.