Fondo de Cultura Economica, promotes reading through The Book Truck in San Diego California. The first library on wheels of the Mexican Publisher located in The United States. The acquisition of Spanish material is sometimes difficult to get in this country, among that there is more than 50 million Hispanics living in the United States, representing the largest ethnic minority in the nation, reason enough for Fondo to came up with the idea to provide literature in Spanish and since 2015, The Book Truck is on the wheels to find its readers.

This Book Truck exhibits about 600 titles, is equipped with the best literary collections, with popular and classics of the literature in Spanish. Besides getting lost in the pages of a book, you can enjoy some of children´s short stories published by Fondo while they are narrated by our storyteller.

It could be requested by an elementary schools, college, parks or for a several cultural events that have joined the promotion of Latin American literature,

Come, take a book and join us in this new adventure.

¡Te esperamos con los libros abiertos!